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At Fuck Yeah! Harry+Hermione, we get a lot of questions about fanfiction. There is a lot of Harry Potter fic out there and not all of it is good (see fanfiction.net for evidence). Here's my best introduction to Harry/Hermione.

I tried to organise this in some sort of coherent manner and link to the best places to find all the possible fic so you have to do the least amount of searching. I hope you find it easy to navigate and please let me know if I can improve it!

Disclaimer: this is by NO MEANS a comprehensive list. I've barely scratched the surface of all the good stuff you can find on LJ and Portkey. It is decidedly biased since I can only recommend what I've read or heard about. Use this as a jumping off point and keep searching and clicking links and feel free to add anything I've missed in comments.

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UPDATE!!!: Is this giant list overwhelming to you? Start HERE!
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25 October 2010 @ 11:51 pm
We issued a challenge and you lovely people answered the call! 1007 FOLLOWERS! (Honestly, we're walking around with stars in our eyes right now.)

There is never too much Harry/Hermione fanfiction in the world. In fact, we need more!


1) Post one prompt per comment but comment as many times as you want
        Prompts can be song lyrics, images, quotes, lines from books/movies/tv shows, scenes that you'd like to see written, or anything you think will inspire.
2) Prompts can be written an unlimited number of times
3) All ratings and genres allowed
4) No RPF (Dan/Emma) stories, please
5) Rate all stories in the subject line of the comment (i.e., Title of Story, Rating)
6) Other pairings allowed, as long as Harry/Hermione is central. Gen fics are welcome too.
7) No character bashing!
8) No prompt bashing either. If a prompt isn't your thing, scroll on to something that is.
9) Anonymous commenting is allowed
10) This is advertised as a fic fest, but fanart and vids are more than welcome!
11) And most importantly, play nice and ENJOY THE PARTY!

BONUS: Recommendations
I started a thread for recommendations. If you're not up to writing, share your favourite stories so we still have good stuff to read. Post recs as a reply to this comment.

With love and thanks!
misplacedmoony (Lola) and snufflespf (Cole)

If you would be so kind and promote:

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02 December 2009 @ 12:57 am
So I had a paper to write today.

I watched New Moon instead. Since I don't believe in giving the Twilight franchise money, I found it online. For free. I suggest you do the same, and read this commentary while you watch. It made me happy to write and I hope it makes you happy to read.

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